Professional Fiber Splice Tray Manufacturer & Supplier

Fiber splice tray is provided to place the fiber splice points and pre-terminated for fiber connectivity. The fiber splice tray expands fiber splice capabilities as well as provides the splicing location for fiber optic cables. Fiber splice tray can be put into the fiber distribution frame, fiber splice closure, optic terminal box, etc.

  • Bwinners offers a wide range of fiber optic splice trays.
  • Fiber splice tray protects for fusion splices, 12-24-36 fiber.
  • ABS material used ensures the body strong and light
  • Double-layer structure, integrating the fusing and distribution into one unity
  • Fiber high-density splice trays
  • Protect and manage heat shrink style spliced fibers
  • Heat shrink splice holder and sleeves included
  • Easily disposed of particular needs
  • Suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable