Fiber Optic Adapter For TTH ODN connectivity

Bwinners Fiber Optic Adapters are part of passive components for FTTH ODN connectivity, Bwinners Fiber Optic Adapters are used to join two fiber optic patch cables together for realizing the transition between different interfaces and they are available for use with either single mode or multimode fiber optic patch cord. Bwinners Fiber optic adaptors can offer superior low loss performance with very high repeatability.

  • Compliant with: IEC, JIS, Telcordia
  • Convenience and ease of handling
  • Optical performance 100% factory tested
  • Flange or threaded mounting type
  • Ceramic/Zirconia or phosphorous bronze sleeves
  • Good changeability and repeatability
  • Low insertion and return loss and back reflection
  • Lightweight and durable plastic body