Mini Visual Fault Locator 10mW 20mW 30mW Model: MBN-VFL-Mini

MBN-VFL-Mini visual fault locator is a compact and easy to use instrument for identifying in circuit faults, both common and rare. The unique eye-catching design enables easy identification of open and shorted internal paths and facilitates tripping of external breaks. Handing out a visual fault locator to all customers would help us to avoid the future issues. If you are looking for stale quality Mini Visual Fault Locator, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick free quotation.

Model: MBN-KFL-10 / MBN-KFL-20 / MBN-KFL-30
Power range: 10mW / 20mW / 30mW
Test distance: 8-10km / 15-20km / 25-30km
Wavelength range: 650nm

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