2 Ports Fiber Faceplate Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-10

SJ-FTTH-SK-10 2 ports fiber faceplate is a simple, easy way to add a new network connection point in your home with the ability to connect cables, tie wires and organize all your cabling. It can also switch power on or off and includes a tamper-evident safety cap which prevents accidental removal of the cover while in use and features an integrated cable management system. We are pleased to invite you to visit our website. Contact us today if you are looking for quality fiber wall socket in China, we welcome all enquiries.

Technical Parameters

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-SK-10
  • Dimension: 135X90X18mm
  • Max Capacity: 2 Pieces drop cable/Pigtail
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Installation: Fixed by screw in Wall-mounted

Something about SJ-FTTH-SK-10 fiber wall socket you need to know

2 Ports Fiber Faceplate is uniform and beautiful, the material is strong and durable, the interior structure is reasonable, and it can fully meet the construction requirements of 1 in 1 out, 1 in 2 out / 4 out, 2 into 2 out / 4 out. Fiber Faceplate is adopting reinforced plastics, high strength, corrosion resistance, mature structure, reliable sealing, and convenient construction. Fiber Faceplate Optical fiber Protection box heat shrink tubing to protect fiber splice tray 2 into 2 out.

Name 2 Ports Fiber Faceplate
Model SJ-FTTH-SK-10
Dimension 135X90X18mm
Installation Fixed by screw in Wall Mount
Material ABS + PC
Capacity 2 Pieces drop cable/Pigtail
Color White

The new type of Fiber Faceplate is a case to put in a butterfly cable with a thermal protection tube after hot melting so that the splice spot can get better protection. Relative to the cold welding, the hot one can improve the optical performance of the connector, make the effective connection rate increased to one hundred percent, prolong the service life of the product, and lower maintenance costs.

Fiber Faceplate is used in FTTH connection, we use this Fiber Drop Repair Splice Closure to make heat Shrinkable Splice with 2pcs Drop Cable. It’s designed for either Flat Drop Cable or Round Drop Cable. This Fiber Drop Repair Splice Closure is installed indoor or outdoor, and it provides good connection and protection in FTTH Constructions.


1. FTTH / FTTX system
2. LAN WAN MAN network
3. GPON ODN network
4. Telecommunication

Fully introduction of Bwinners fiber wall socket

Fiber wall socket is also called as fiber optic wall outlet,fiber optic faceplate. Fiber wall socket is a new solution for home and office, which has a digital display interface. By using the mobile app, you can control and monitor your sockets anytime, anywhere. The plug-and-play device enables you to use typical light bulbs to create a Wi-Fi network.

Fiber wall socket and outer dimensions that are smaller than conventional electrical sockets. Since it’s a push-in type, you don’t need to turn the screw to tighten, so you can use it in any occasion. It’s also intelligent and convenient, which is a modern product that can satisfy your need.

Advantages of fiber optic wall outlet

– Small size.

– Easy to install. You don’t need to turn the screw to tighten, so you can use the fiber optic socket in any occasion.

– Stable network transmission and fast network speed. During a big game transmission unimpeded, the fiber optic protection box can maintain the stability of the network transmission, response latency, suddenly dropped.

– Wide application. You can use the fiber optic wall socket in any occasion, such as home and office.

– Digital display interface. The fiber optic wall outlet is intelligent and convenient. It has a digital display interface.

Structure of Optical Fiber Socket

  • With this fiber convex platform design

A reserved fiber optic cable or more than the disk storage can meet light redundancy corner inventory requirements and provide security for the in and out of optical fibers.

  • Round smooth corners and do not hurt hands

The overall design of the fiber optic 86 box is rounded and comfortable, not uncomfortable or hurting to use.

  • With two holes for fiber optic cables.

Fiber wall socket is equipped with two fiber optic adapter, single and double core optical fiber can be realized as input/output for accessing data.

Application of Fiber Optic Socket

The fiber optic wall outlet is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. With the use of only one outlet, you can plug in both your devices and the optical cables with minimal hassle. Widely used in homes, hotels and other places. It can make our life more convenient, beautiful and elegant.

  • Telecommunication Network
  • CATV Networks
  • Local Area Network
  • Fiber Data Center
  • Fiber data transmission
  • Security monitor

Manufacturing of Fiber Optic Wall Outlet

Bwinners is a leading  fiber optic wall outlet supplier  in China, that manufactures durable quality fiber termination wall outlet for FTTH indoor application. And exported these fibre optic cable socket to many European, African and South American countries based on superior quality and competitive price.

Why Choose Bwinners

Bwinners is a leading fiber optic wall socket provider in China, we manufacture and supply durable quality fiber termination outlets in our own factory. We always believe that “quality is first, business is based on the sincere” and “customer first”, we are committed to providing the best quality products and services to our customers.

We aim at supplying the best quality fiber optic wall outlet, which can be used in FTTH indoor applications; such as offices, homes, and factories.

We are a professional manufacturer of fiber optic wall outlets in China. We can offer you competitive prices and high-quality products. If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact me.

Package of Fiber Optic Wall Outlet

Bwinners exports the fiber optic wall outlet to European, African, and South American countries, and package these fiber optic outlets by a standard cartoon. If we get the customized package requirements, we also try our best to meet the demands of our customers.

If you have a customized package for the fiber termination outlet products, please send us your requirement before shipment.