Optical Fiber Identifier Model: MBN-OFI-35

MBN-OFI-35 optical fiber identifier (OFI) is designed for high-speed identification of optical fiber assemblies and provides a reliable identification of the fiber type, wavelength and length of fiber. Optical fiber identifier is used to separate optical fibers and inspect them for defects or flaws. It also serves as a good link between the fiber optics industry and researchers. If you are looking for the highest quality Optical Fiber Identifier, contact us for a fast free quote. Bwinners offers qualified products at affordable prices.

Model: MBN-OFI-35
Identifed Wavelength Range: 800nm to 1700nm
Signal Frequency: 270Hz,1kHz,2kHz
Adapter Type: 0.25mm, 0.9mm bare fiber and 2mm, 3mm jump fiber

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