Optical Fiber Cutter Model: MBN-PFC-2

MBN-PFC-2 optical fiber cuttera tool you can use to cut existing optical fibers, or even make rolls of custom length. It’s lightweight and compact, so it can be easily carried in your pocket or purse. This versatile, high-quality tool is perfect for home, hobby, and commercial use.  Ideal for cutting all types of optical fiber cable construction. The strength of this cutter makes it able to cut small and large diameter cables without needing maintenance. We include a variety of accessories that make it easy for you to work with this product. Email us if you are looking for quality fiber optic cutter.

Model: MBN-PFC-2
Applicable Fiber: Conventional silica glass optical fiber
Cladding Diameter: 125 μm
Fiber Count: Single fiber (0.25&0.9mm) up to 12-fiber ribbon

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