Fiber Optic Cleaner LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector Model: MBN-OCC

MBN-OCC optical connector cleaner features a sharp, wavy pattern that is designed to clean and dust fiber optic cables. It attaches simply to the end of your fiber cable, without clamps or adhesives. This cleaner can be used on both indoor and outdoor cables, as well as on ferrules-which are the small plastic pieces where two cable ends are joined together. If you are looking for stale quality fiber optic cleaner, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick free quotation. You can also call us or visit our offices. We offer a wide range of products and specialize in commercial fiber optic cleaning.

  • Model: MBN-OCC
  • Polish type: PC/UPC/APC
  • Ferrule: 2.5mm&1.25mm
  • Connector: LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector

Something about MBN-OCC fiber optic cleaner you need to know

MBN-OCC Fiber Optic Cleaner is a fiber optic cleaning kit of refillable cassette cleaners intended for use on the exposed ferrules of fiber optic connectors. It is an important accessory for maintaining and ensuring the quality of fiber optic connections.

It provides a high-performance non-alcohol cleaner suitable to clean fiber end faces of any male fiber connector. Built with tough ABS resin impregnated with an anti-static cloth, the fiber cleaner box is perfect for both inside and outside plant applications. The anti-static cloth produces a rustic fiber tip and minimizes the attraction of contaminants. The cleaning tape replaced after more than 500 cleaning operations to reducing cleaning costs.

It mainly used in:

Outdoor FTTX applications
Cable assembly production facility
Testing laboratories
Data center installation and preventative maintenance
Central office and head end new equipment installations and preventive maintenance
Production facilities that terminate fiber optic cable assemblies
Testing and measuring laboratories using optoelectronic equipment
Any application that uses unmated fiber optic connectors
Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Systems

Product Name Optical Connector Cleaner
Connector LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector
Polish type PC/UPC/APC
Ferrule 2.5mm&1.25mm
No. of Cleanings 500 times
Dimension 125x85x35mm
Material Special Microfiber+ advanced Plastic

Why We Recommend MBN-OCC Fiber Optic Cleaner

MBN-OCC Fiber Optic Cleaner is high recommend for FTTx application,  it covers special features different with other fiber optic test equipment and fiber tools, you can get the points from the following listing:

  • Use of alcohol-free special microfiber straps
  • Core can be replaced
  • High level of cleaning
  • Low cost per clean over 500 cleanings per unit
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • User-friendly trigger design for both the right-handed users and the left-handed user
  • Suitable for cleaning the end face of FC/SC/LC/ST/MU/D4/DIN optical fiber connector PC/APC
  • Hand control operation, lightweight design, replaceable core

Fully introduction of Bwinners Fiber Optic Test Equipment And Fiber Tools

Fiber optic test equipment and fiber tools are tools used in testing, measuring and monitoring optical properties of optical fibers. They are used to test the optical characteristics of an optical cable like a light source, detector, or multiplexer by various tests: reflection spectroscopy (spectral analysis), luminescence spectroscopy (phosphorescence measurement), fluorescence measurements, pulse laser self-capacitance measurement (FCT).

Applications of Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Fiber optic test equipment or fiber optic tools are used for testing and troubleshooting of the optical network. It includes high frequency, low frequency, long distance transmission. Test equipment can be used on a wide range of applications from high power generation application to communication infrastructure.

  1. Measuring line length
  2. Power transmission capacity
  3. Fiber optic transceiver module tests
  4. FTTH Networks
  5. For PON Network Testing
  6. Outdoor FTTX applications
  7. Cable assembly production facility
  8. Testing laboratories
  9. Data center installation and preventative maintenance
  10. Central office and head end new equipment installations and preventive maintenance
  11. Production facilities that terminate fiber optic cable assemblies
  12. Testing and measuring laboratories using optoelectronic equipment
  13. Fiber Optic Satellite Communication Systems

Fiber Optic Testing Equipment Provided From Bwinners

As a fiber optic solution provider, Bwinners also provide fiber optical testing devices to measure the fiber optic’s performance, our testing equipment includes:

Function: Used for FTTH and ordinary fiber project, internet remote access maintenance

Shock, impact, water and dust proof in harsh environments

Compact, Small size and light weight

Function:Standard boxes along with custom configurations for OTDR applications.

Compact and rugged packaging.

Portable for field use.

Prevents fiber damage and ensures accurate results.

Function: Nine-in-one function (OTDR, OPM, VFL, OLS, Network Cable Test, Fiber Inspection, Event Map, Loss Test, Flashlight)

Support horizontal version, vertical version, perfect fusion of the two habits of user operations

Function: SM&MM wavelength 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1550nm

Equipped with LED lights to facilitate work in dark environments

Function: Wavelengths 850-1625nm

Measurement range-70~+10dBm/-50~+26dBm

Waterproof keys suitable for various outdoor environments

Testing distance is up to 26km, high stability

2.5mm universal connector suitable for SC/ST/FC

1.25mm LC adapter in optional

Identify the propagation direction of light, and sound alarm reminder.

Test online without interruption of the link.

LED display, 4 fixtures support bare fiber, 0.9mm, 2mm, 3mm fiber.

Recognize the signal of 270Hz,1KHZ, and 2KHz.

Bwinners Fiber ToolsBwinners Fiber Tools

In addition to the fiber testing types of equipment, Bwinners also provides fiber tools to help you install the fiber optic network system well. We are committed to providing the complete fiber optic solution to our customers worldwide. Our fiber optic tools contain:

Function: Motorized automatic blade slide returning to ready-to-cut position / automatic reset after cleaving

Fiber offcuts are manually stored in the large capacity offcut collector

Three-in-one fixture cable holder

Function: Fast and effective cleaning

Suitable for cleaning the end face of FC/SC/LC/ST/MU/D4/DIN optical fiber connector PC/APC

Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools

Bwinners is a leading fiber optic testing equipment manufacturer and fiber tools supplier, produce and supply the stable quality fiber optic testing equipment and fiber tools for our customers worldwide.

Package of Fiber Optic Testing Equipment and Fiber Tools

Bwinners has our own standard package for our fiber optic testing device and tools, if you don’t have special package requirements, we will package the fiber optic product as below. For customized package, we also support this service, please contact us quickly before shipment, so that we can arrange the customized package in advance.