FTTH SM Green Fast Connector SC Apc Model: MBN-FOFC-F-APC

FTTH SM green fast connector SC Apc are used to connect optical fibers without the need of soldering or splicing. In addition, the fiber optic fast connector is a small device that facilitates quick connection and disconnection of optical fibers by mechanically pushing the ferrules of two optical connectors together. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications and offer quick, easy and reliable termination methods for simplex, duplex, multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic networks. Contact us today for your fiber optic connectors at bulk price.

  • Model:MBN-FOFC-F-APC
  • Connector Type: SC
  • Polishing: APC
  • Fiber Mode: 9/125μm Singlemode
  • Cable Diameters: 0.9/2.0/3.0mm or 3.0×2 Drop Cable
  • Ferrule: Ceramic
  • Coating Diameter: 250μm & 900μm
  • Operation Time: about 15s(exclude fiber presetting)
  • Insertion Loss: PC≤ 0.3dB,UPC≤ 0.2dB,APC≤ 0.2dB
  • Return Loss: PC≤ -40dB, UPC≤ 50dB, APC≤ 60dB

Something about MBN-FOFC-F-APC fiber optic fast connector you need to know

The MBN-FOFC-F-APC Fast Connector Sc Apc is factory pre-polished, field-installable connectors that eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. Proven mechanical splice technology ensuring precision fiber alignment, a factory pre-cleaved fiber stub, and a proprietary index-matching gel combine to offer an immediate low loss termination to either single-mode or multimode optical fibers.


  • Quick, easy, and clean solution for fiber terminating connectors.
  • Precision mechanical alignment ensures low insertion loss.
  • It can be installed within two minutes, including preparation time.
  • The high success rate of connection, Superior optical performance.
  • The simple assembly process, and convenient operation.
  • No epoxy and polishing are required, reducing installation time.
  • Stable optical performance is achieved through its use of V-groove mechanical splice technology.
Name FTTH SM Green Fast Connector Sc Apc
Connector Type SC
Polishing APC
Fiber Mode 9/125μm Singlemode
Cable Diameters 0.9/2.0/3.0mm or 3.0×2 Drop Cable
Ferrule Ceramic
Coating Diameter 250μm & 900μm
Operation Time about 15s (exclude fiber presetting)
Insertion Loss PC≤ 0.3dB,UPC≤ 0.2dB,APC≤ 0.2dB
Return Loss PC≤ -40dB, UPC≤ 50dB, APC≤ 60dB
Repeat-ability <0.1dB (1000 times)
Tension Test 60N
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Mechanical Durability(500 times) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Drop Test(4m concrete floor, once each direction, three times total) IL ≤ 0.3dB
Remark: Ferrule Concentricity SM< 1um; MM< 1.4um Ferrule inner diameter tolerance +1/-0um Ferrule outer diameter tolerance +/-0.5 um

Fully introduction of Bwinners fiber optic fast connector

Fast connector has been adopted by the industry for many years and has become an indispensable part of the optical transmission equipment production line. It has good performance in terms of flexibility and reliability, which makes it suitable for use in high-precision fiber optic transmission systems.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Component

The fast connector has a regular shape and can be connected to each other in any direction, so that it can connect multiple cables at one time.

Its structure and component are:

  1. SC shell jacket
  2. Dust cover
  3. Fiber Gland
  4. Fiber optic cold connector body
  5. Boot

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Main Types

The current standard for fast connectors is FC/SC (fiber-optic cable/single-mode), which refers to the type of optical fiber used in the connector and not necessarily whether it is single-mode or multi-mode.

A simple SC connector will have only one pair of fibers but can support several modes, such as single-mode, multi-mode, or OM3 (OpticMode 3).

A SC/LC (fiber-optic cable/multi-mode) connector allows you to use both single-mode and multi-mode optics on each end of your cable or link.

Bwinners supplies kinds of fast connector for FTTH network building:

  • SC APC Fast Connector
  • SC UPC Fast Connector
  • LC APC Fast Connector
  • LC UPC Fast Connector
  • FC Fast Connector
  • ST Fast Connector

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Features

  1. Easy Operation
  2. Low Insertion Loss
  3. High Return Loss
  4. Good repeatability and interchangeability
  5. Compliance with Standard YD/T 632-2000,IEC 61754-20-4,GR-326-CORE,and UL94V-0Flame Retardant Requirments
  6. No epoxy, no polishing
  7. Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
  8. Re-enterable and re-usable for multiple times
  9. Installing simplely and conventional maintenance without specialized tools.
  10. During installation, the end face of fiber will not be easily damaged due to its mechanical protection design.
  11. Adopting Ultra-polish technology, which ensures excellent performance with repeatable low insertion loss.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Advantages

Fast connector is based on PON passive optical network, it is with good advantages on the installation and maintenance.

  • No need for splicing or cutting.
  • Convenient use and maintenance.
  • Low optical loss.

It uses low-loss material, so it can reduce the signal delay and improve the transmission speed of fiber optic cables in the network system.

  • Small volume.

The fast connector has a small diameter and is easy to use in tight spaces.

  • It leads to lower FTTH construction cost
  • Easy to install.

The fiber optic cable is equipped with a buffer tube, the buffer tube can be used to connect the fiber optic cable through the buffer tube.

  • Convenient use and maintenance.

The connector can be easily attached to the fiber optic cable, without removing the fiber optic cable from the buffer tube.

  • Can be used in any environment with extreme environmental conditions.

Fiber optic cables are made of glass fiber, which has high durability, low loss and excellent electrical characteristics, and can withstand high temperatures and acidic environments.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Application

The fast connector has a small diameter and high strength, which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications. The fast connector is mainly used in the field of optical communications.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Application

Fast connector provides high performance and reliability for fiber optic networks utility applications, can be used on all types of fiber optic cables and can be easily installed by using screws or press-fitting method.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Advantages

  • Optical switch
  • Fiber Transceiver
  • Leather cable
  • SC interface light cat
  • Fiber optic communication systems and telecommunication networks
  • Fiber optic data transmission
  • CATV
  • Patch Panels
  • Optical access network
  • Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTx) applications
  • Optical cable interconnection
  • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks
  • Field Repair/Replacement
  • Fiber optic equipment
  • FTTx Applications

Fiber Optic Quick Connector applications

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Instructions

A passive device does not require any power connection, it can be directly connected with fiber cable without any external power source. The fast connector has a low insertion loss and high isolation, which makes it suitable for low-loss transmission. It has good mechanical properties and excellent optical properties that offer high reliability in applications with temperature variations.

Fiber Optic Fast Connector Instructions

  • Strip drop cable to 50mm
  • Put the cable in the cable lock part, then turn the cover to fix
  • Put the lock part into the guide tool
  • 250um fiber stripping
  • Fiber cleaving, keep hold the cable avoid moved
  • Take the lock part with cable out, as the direction
  • Use the end of guide tool,open the capping, then put locked cable in
  • Pinch the end of the key part,then take it out,let the fiber fixed
  • Finish installing

How to Re-installing Fiber Optic Fast Connector

  • Push in key, open the capping
  • Take cable upwards, then drag
  • Open cable lock
  • Get ready for reuse

Note: should keep fiber clean when processing as the following.

How to Re-installing Fiber Optic Fast Connector