Fiber Cable Assemblies

Heat Shrinkable Joint Closure 48 Cores Model: SJ-D-4


The role of a Heat Shrinkable joint closure is mainly for housing fiber optical fiber splices as well as cables. It ensures that they are always in a secure state. To suit various types of cable constructions and applications, joint closures are unique. Their design and compact structure gives them structural integrity. They can thus accommodate both ribbon and non-ribbon types of splices and fibers.

Model: SJ-D-4

Capacity: 48 Cores (4X 12F Trays)

Cable Ports: 1 In 3 Out, 4 Ports

Diameter of fiber cable : Φ8mm~Φ20 mm 

Dimension: 28.8×17.8CM (H*D)

Sealing Structure: Heat Shrinkable Sealing

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