Fiber Tester OTDR Model: OTDR-BWN-R88

Nine-in-one function (OTDR, OPM, VFL, OLS, Network Cable Test, Fiber Inspection, Event Map, Loss Test, Flashlight)
The 4.3-inch full-view capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch
Cover plate type tempered glass panel, don’t worry about screen scratch
Support horizontal version, vertical version, perfect fusion of the two habits of user operations
Support charging treasure charging, do not worry about the battery is not enough
In line with the international standards of test data with perfect simulation software, so that your report more simple
Sink type light port design, so that the instrument light port to get better protection
Support U disk, SD card and Micro USB export data protection
Any interface supports screen capture

OTDR Port Polishing: APC/UPC Polishing

Power Supply Cord:  EURO, USA, AUS, British, CHN Standard, etc 

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese

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