Fiber Optic Power Meter Model: MBN-OPM-Mini

MBN-OPM-Mini fiber optic power meter is used to identify optical fibers and cable. Optical fiber identification systems have been used for many years to help users know if they have the right cable, with the right length, in the right combination and at the right time. The use of an OIF system helps save money by reducing costly mistakes that would have occurred without their systems: such as purchasing wrong cable or spare parts. If you are looking for a fiber optic power meter, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Bwinners is committed to delivering the highest quality products, backed by solid technical support and service.

Model: MBN-OPM-Mini
Wavelength Range: 800~1700 (nm)
Optical connector: 2.5mm universal interface(1.25mm LC optional)
Measurement range(dBm): -70~+6dBm/-50~+26dBm

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