Fiber Faceplate with SC APC adaptor and transparent SC APC Pigtail G657A1 30M-100M Model: SJ-FTTH-MN-1-PT

Fiber faceplate with SC APC adaptor and transparent SC APC pigtail G657A1 30M-100M is a mini fiber organizer used to create a fiber connection point inside the home or office. You can enjoy high-speed internet at home, which easily expandable future proofed and easy upgradeable, wireless technology makes it possible. Fiber optic wall outlet will reduces the damage on electricity. The fiber optic cable is not easy to be burnt, and flexible. Our fiber optic wall outlet only need to connect the plug and the fiber optic cable, so you can use it as normal power cord one! If you have demands in fiber optic wall outlet (FWT) in bulk price, please contact us for more details.

Model: SJ-FTTH-MN-1-PT

Adapter: SC APC Adaptor

Pigtail: Transparent SC APC Pigtail G657A1 30M-10M


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