Fttx Round Cable Drop Wire Suspension Clamp Model: FACH-BW-17

FACH-BW-17 Fttx round cable drop wire suspension clamp is a simple device for protecting any cable that is exposed. This device is placed in the place where it will be eventually installed, as a protection measure against weather and other external threats. The fish clamp is easy to use, even while wearing gloves or in dark conditions. The product can be used on various types of cables that require additional protection. Email us if you are looking for a professional manufacturer of FTTx cable fish clamps in China. Please rest assured that we will offer you our high-quality products and competitive price.

  • Model: FACH-BW-17
  • Material: UV Resistant Nylon
  • Cable Diameter: Round Cable 2-7(mm)
  • Breaking Force: 0.3kN
  • Failing Load : 180 daN

Something about FACH-BW-17 Fttx round cable drop wire suspension clamp you need to know

FACH-BW-17 Fiber Optic Drop Wire Suspension Clamp is used for enabling mobile suspension of round or flat drop cables Ø 2 to 8mm on central poles used for distribution networks with spans up to 70m. For angles superior to 20°, it is recommended to install a double anchor. ​​​​

Drop Wire Suspension Clamp is designed with a hinged plastic shell equipped with an elastomer protective insert and an opening bail. The drop wire suspension clamp’s body locks with 2 built-in clips, while the integrated cable tie allows securing the clamp once closed. Drop Wire Suspension Clamp has effective and cost-efficient for cabling.

FTTH drop wire clamp is used to fix the round cable.
Dead-ending of round drop cable on poles and buildings.

Name FTTx Round Cable Drop Wire Suspension Clamp
Model FACH-BW-17
Material UV Resistant Nylon
Cable Diameter Round Cable 2-7(mm)
Breaking Force 0.3kN
Min. Failing Load 180 daN
Weight 0.012kg

Why We Recommend FACH-BW-17 Fttx Round Cable Drop Wire Suspension Clamp

1)Material UV Resistant Nylon, Lifespan:25 Years.
2)Drop Wire Clamp for managing round drop cables diameter with Ø from 2 to 8mm.
3)Dead-ending of round drop cable on poles and buildings.
4)Suspension of drop cable at intermediate poles by using 2 drop clamps.
5)Effective and cost-efficient for cabling.
6)Installation within a couple of seconds, requiring no tools
7)Suspension clamps offer more protection to prevent aeolian vibrations.

Fully introduction of Bwinners FTTx installation Tools

FTTx is short for fiber to the x. It is a fast, reliable and affordable way to get internet access in your home or small business. FTTx uses fiber optics to connect your local area network (LAN), inside the service provider’s cabinet, to their “central office” facility – usually somewhere far away and unknown.

The introduction of FTTx Installation

FTTx Installation Process

FTTx installation is a process that involves connecting your house to the closest phone company’s network, which provides you with internet access. You will need copper or fiber cables to make this connection. This installation can be broken up into several steps. First, you will need to have your electrical wiring inspected by a licensed electrician. He or she will then categorize each room and make recommendations about where you need electrical outlets and telephone jacks installed. Finally, the technician will run new cable from the electrical panel on the wall to the nearest phone jack in your home.

Installation Porcess of ADSS hook suspension clamp

Installation Porcess of ADSS hook suspension clamp

Bwinners FTTx Installation Tools for Sale

  1. Anchoring Clamp
  2. Drop Wire Clamp
  3. Wedge Tension Cable Clamp
  4. Cable Suapension Clamp
  5. Adss Suspension Clamp
  6. Pole Mount Bracket

The Bwinners FTTx installation tools are suitable for cables with the diameter from 2 – 7 mm of the following wedge types:

Bwinners FTTx Installation Tools for Sale

Bwinners FTTx Installation Tools for Sale

Why Bwinners FTTx Installation Tools

Bwinners is a leading FTTx installation provider in China, with our own factory to produce the FTTx installation tools, with wholesale price and stable quality. We always believe that” quality is first, business is based on the sincerity”, therefore, we will always behind of your back, and support you to boom your business well or finish your network installation project.

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Manufacturing of FTTx Installation Tools

As an original FTTx installation tools manufacturing factory, we are committed providing durable quality wire clamps etc FTTx installation products for our customer worldwide. Free sample and fast delivery are both available.

Package of FTTx Installation Tools

Bwinners always packages our FTTx installation tools products by hard carton as below. If you have requirements in customized package, we also support this service. Please contact us before shipment.

Package of FTTx Installation Tools