Pre-terminated Waterproof NAP 16 Core Distribution Box Model: SJ-FTTH-SK18-H

SJ-FTTH-SK18-H pre-terminated waterproof NAP 16 core distribution box is made of strength PC+ABS mix plastic material, can arrange and protect the fibers in the FTTx network systems, max splice capacity is up to 16 fibers, can connect to 8 adapters, with mechanical sealing structure, easy to install, help you splice the organized fibers in a short time. If you have demands in the fiber optic distribution boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quote.

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-SK18-H
  • Dimension: 34x28x10CM
  • Capacity: 48 Splices, 16 ports of Waterproof SC/APC adapter
  • PLC Splitter: 1×16 SC PLC Splitter / 2pcs 1×8 Micro PLC Splitter
  • Cable Ports: 16 Ports
  • Material: PP
  • Sealing Structure: Mechanical Sealing
  • Weight: 1.9KGS
  • Installation: Wall Mounting/ Pole mounting/ Aerial
Name Pre-terminated Waterproof NAP 16 Core Distribution Box
Model SJ-FTTH-SK18-H
Dimension 34x28x10CM
Max Capacity 48 Splices, 16 ports of Waterproof SC/APC adapter
Cable Ports 16 Port
Sealing Structure Mechanical Sealing
Material PP
PLC Splitter 1×16 SC PLC Splitter / 2pcs 1×8 Micro PLC Splitter
Weight 1.9KGS
Installation Wall Mounting/ Pole mounting/ Aerial

16 Core Distribution Box with the pre-terminated cable could be able to hold up to 16 subscribers. It is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system.

16 Core Distribution Box integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection in one solid protection box. It provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.

Available for 2 trays to splice total 48fibers,One tray can splice 24 fibers.
Adopt modified PP material, with anti-UV, anti-aging and corrosion resistance material, Water-proof design.
1*16 PLC splitter can be installed in each splice tray as option.
16 pcs of SC Simplex pre-installed reinforced water-proof adapter.
Seal with silicon rubber ring at the closure body and entry ports. Adopt plastic clip type lock for easy reopen and maintenance
No need to open the closure for adjusting the signal by using fast connector exit. Only plug the fast connectors to adjust. More convenience.

CATV networks
Optical fiber communication
Fiber optic network convergence
Optical fiber access network
Widely used in FTTH access network
Telecommunication networks
Data communications networks
Local area networks

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