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Looking for a reliable optical fiber sleeve supplier in China? Bwinners provides regular optical fiber sleeve or custom diameter & length to meet your requirement.

  • RoHS and Reach Compliant
  • Very easy to installation
  • In stock & Fast delivery
  • Provides different sizes for your choice
  • Custom fiber optic sleeve available
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Bwinners - Your Optical Fiber Sleeve Manufacturer

You can use Bwinners optical fiber sleeve in many applications. You can deploy optical fiber sleeve in optical components and even in telecommunications to medical technologies. Almost everything that uses optical fibers requires an optical fiber sleeve.

Why Choose Bwinners Optical Fiber Sleeve

  • RoHS and Reach Compliant
  • Clear (transparent) outer Tube
  • Polished stainless steel rod
  • Excellent reinforcement of fusion splicing portion
  • Reliable protection under any environmental conditions
  • Fits into most splice holders
  • Stocked for immediate delivery
  • Custom products available
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Bwinners Optical Fiber Sleeve Manufacturing

Bwinners- Your Reliable

Optical Fiber Sleeve Supplier in China

    Protection Sleeve 60Mm

Figure 1 Optical Fiber Sleeve

You can use Bwinners optical fiber sleeve in many applications. You can deploy it in optical components and even in telecommunications to medical technologies. Almost everything that uses optical fibers requires an optical fiber sleeve.

Why is an optical fiber sleeve necessary? Well, for optical fibers to function at their best possible level, they need to be fault-free. Most importantly, they need to be intact structurally.

Fusion Protection Sleeve

Figure 2 Splice Protection Sleeves

Intactness is to say that optical fiber sleeve ought to be free from any leaks, cracks, fractures, and scratches, among other faults. However, note that most areas of deployment of optic fibers cannot be free from all these. Protection is, therefore, necessary.

One way to protect optical fibers is to add a thin coating. Such a coating should have protective features. Usually, plastic, a polymer, or metal material can offer the best protection. But you do not have to pick these materials and use them directly. There are devices specially designed to help protect optical fibers. These are optical fiber sleeve.

When you apply or put splice protection sleeves to your fibers, you protect them from damage. You will keep them safe from scratches, contact with water, and any other thing that has the potential to interfere with them. Also, by protecting it, you shield its surface, hence it will serve you for many years without any problem.

Fiber Heat Shrink Tube

Figure 3 Fiber Protection Sleeve

Now, with a proper understanding of the role of optical fiber sleeves, you need to choose the best. If you search, you will find many of them out there in the market. While each of them is, indeed, an optical fiber sleeve, you need to have a way of determining the best.

A good optical fiber sleeve should have strong material. Optical fiber sleeve should also be easy to install or apply to your optical fibers. With that, excellent performance is sure.

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