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Fiber Optical Distribution Frame / ODF is a high-capacity, high-density fiber distribution frame, suitable composition and distribution of fibers in the optical access network to achieve the fiber optic lines connection, distribution and scheduling,the 19” rack-mounted patch panel, and fiber optic splitter can be loaded inside.

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Bwinners - Your Fiber Optical Distribution Frame Manufacturer

Bwinners is a professional fiber optical distribution frame manufacturer in China, accepting custom-made according to details dimensions, fast delivery, and free sample available. ODF is the short name of the Fiber Optical Distribution Frame, function very effectively as the single point of distribution for all LAN, SAN and telecommunication services in the data center, the protector of optical cable termination and line transmission. Fiber Optical Distribution Frame integrates fiber splicing, fiber termination, fiber optic adapters and connectors, and cable connections in a single unit.

Why Choose Bwinners Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

Overall dimension of Fiber Optical Distribution Frame could be custom made by requirement.
Configuration of Fiber Optical Distribution Frame can be customized according to customer requirement.

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Bwinners Fiber Optical Distribution Frame Manufacturing

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