OM3 Fiber Optical Patchcord LC/UPC-FC/UPC MM DX 2.0mm LSZH Model: OM3-Fiber-Patch-Cables-MM-DX-LC/FC-2.0

OM3 fiber optical patchcord LC/UPC-FC/UPC are special types of cords that have caps on both ends. The capped ends allow it to connect to various devices. It is mainly used in telecommunication activities. If you are looking for a handy patch cord that can connect your optic switch, CATV, and other telecommunication equipment. Then you have come to the right place. Email us for a free quotation.

  • Model: OM3-Fiber-Patch-Cables-MM-DX-LC/FC-2.0
  • Cable Type: Male to Male Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Jumpers
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex to FC Duplex
  • Polish Type: UPC to UPC
  • Fiber/Strand Count: Duplex/2 Fiber Strands
  • Jacket Color: Aqua
  • Cable Jacket Material: PVC
  • Cable Diameter: 2.0mm
  • Fiber Mode: OM3 50/125µm
  • Mode Type: Multimode
  • Network Speed: 10 Gb/s Transmission
  • UL Rating: OFNR
  • Length Options: 1-300 Mtr

OM3 Fiber Patch Cables Specification

Bwinners offers a variety of OM3 Patch Cord with connector types that range from LC, SC, ST, and MTP. Bwinners provides fiber patch cords suitable for high-speed bandwidths, including OM3 patch cord 50/125, which are optimal for connecting 10G SR, 10G LRM, SFP+ transceivers, etc. for 10G/40G/100G Ethernet connections and is the preferred fiber specification for 10G Ethernet connections.

Multi-mode fiber optic patch cords are known as 50/125. Boot style is available in standard, duplex, and uniboot, it has easy to identify white boots with yellow (A, B) Plastic rings markers and also feature a Removable dust caps for a clean fiber and great connectivity.


OM3 Patch Cord comes with an Aqua color jacket to differentiate between standard 50/125 micron and the OM3 10 GB cables.

While a definite step up from the orange 62.5/125 OM2 fiber optics, a feature of the OM3 technology is its complete backwards-compatibility with standard 50-micron fiber infrastructures.


OM3 Patch Cord is used for connections to CATV (Cable Television), telecommunication networks, computer fiber networks and fiber test equipment. Applications include communication rooms, FTTH (Fiber to The Home), LAN (Local Area Network), FOS (fiber optic sensor), Fiber Optic Communication System, Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment, Defense combat readiness, etc.
CATV network
Optical fiber communication systems
Optical fiber data transmission
Building network access
Cabling system, ODF
FTTX networks


Fiber Optic Patch Cords

A fiber optic patch cord is a cable that connects two optical devices, typically a terminal box and an optical transmitter. The ends of a patch cord are usually made of high-quality connectors that ensure good alignment of the fiber. The connectors are assembled at a supplier’s manufacturing facility and should not lose any light when the cable is plugged in.

Fiber Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Types

There are several different kinds of fiber optic patch cord available on the market. These cables can be paired with different connectors for various applications. Single mode fiber patch cords, or SC-PC, have a small rectangular connection head, while duplex cable, or FC-PC, has two strands of glass or plastic fiber. Each type has a different length, so you should select one that matches the distance between the devices.

fiber optic patch cord types

Types of fiber optic patch cords include SC, ST, and MU. They’re commonly available in lengths ranging from 0.5 to 50 meters. Select the one you need according to the distance between the two devices you’re connecting. Make sure you know the shortest fiber optic patch cord specifications for your application before you choose a cable. Fiber optic patch cords are often sold in sets of 50 meters, but they’re available in shorter lengths too.

fiber optic patch cord types

Features of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Premium Ferrule
Excellent Stability
Good Reusable
Low Fiber Loss
Wide Application

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Connector Types

There are different types of fiber optic patch cord connectors. Fiber patch cord ends can be combined with various connector types to create a custom connection. Some common fiber optic patch cord connectors include the LC-LC connector and the SC-ST connector. Both of these connectors feature a small, rectangular connection head. The SC-ST connectors feature a small, rectangular connection head, while the ST-ST connector has a modular latch mechanism.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Connector Types

You can find different connector types on fiber patch cords depending on the type of device you’re connecting to. For example, you should use the same connector type on both ends if your devices have similar port types. Otherwise, you should use different connector types. In addition to these two basic connector types, you can choose between single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic patch cords. Single-mode fiber optic patch cables are ideal for long-distance data transmission. Multi-mode fiber optic patch cables are best for shorter-distance data transmission.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Technical Report

Bwinners Fiber Patchcord Technical Report on Insertion Loss & Return Loss by TUV
Technical Report No.:
Date: 2022-09-14

Bwinners Fiber Patchcord Technical Report on Insertion Loss & Return Loss

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Price

A fiber optic patch cord is a length of fiber cable terminated with connectors at either end. These cables are used to connect fiber cable systems and optics to electronic equipment. A quality fiber optic patch cord manufacturer will provide different types of connectors for different applications. If you need a fiber optic patch cord, here are a few things to consider before buying. They may vary in price, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

If you want to get durable quality fiber optic cord at affordable price, you should choose a reliable fiber optic patch cords supplier with directly fabrication factory such as Bwinners, so that you can get the quality fiber optic patch cord at low price and quality assurance either.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Uses

The application of fiber optic patch cord is diverse. It can be found in different subsystems such as the management subsystem, inter-device subsystem, and workspace subsystem.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord Uses

Generally, the fiber optic patch cord are applied in:

1.Computer fiber networks
2.CATV systems
3.Optical fiber communication systems
4.Optical fiber data transmission
5.Building network access
6.Cabling system, ODF
7.FTTX networks
8. Optical test equipment
9. Fibre Optical Sensors(FOS)

application of fiber patch cord


Connector: SC, LC, ST, FC, E2000, MTRJ, MPO
Type: SX/DX optional
Ferrule end face: APC/UPC/PC
Diameter: 0.9, 2.0, 3.0mm
Length:1m, 2m, 3m to 200m
Fiber: SM/OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4
Material of jacket: PVC/LSZH/OFNR

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