8 Ports Socket Panel Model: SJ-FTTH-LM-8

8 ports socket panel are capable of transmitting data much faster than traditional copper wiring. A fiber optic wall outlet (FWT) also known as Fiber Optic Socket, is a mini fiber organizer used to create a fiber connection point inside the home or office. They are also often used for network setups and telecommunications applications where light is being transmitted over an optical cable. If you’re interested in quality fiber wall socket, please don’t hesitate to contact us and send your request.

  • Model: SJ-FTTH-LM-8
  • Dimension: 205X110X30mm
  • Max Capacity: 8 Cores SC/LC
  • Material: ABS
  • Installation: Fixed by screw in Wall mounted
Name Socket Panel 8 Ports
Model SJ-FTTH-LM-8
Dimension 205X110X30mm
Installation Fixed by screw in Wall mount
Material ABS
Capacity 8 Ports for SC Duplex, LC Duplex Adapters
Color White

Socket Panel / FTTH Fiber Optic Socket applies inner clip design and is designed for FTTH, FTTO, and FTTD application. Wall Socket Box is used for protecting the connection of cables, pigtails, and adapters.

1.Light and compact
2.Easy operation by inner clip design
3.With protective doors, dustproof
4.Adapter slots adopted – No screws needed for installing adapters.
5.Double-layer design for easier installation and maintenance
6.Upper layer for splicing
7.Lower layer for distribution
8.Cable fixing units provided for fixing the outdoor optical cable
9.Accommodates both cable glands as well as tie-wraps
10.Fully stable patch panel, no risk of movement
11.The protected patch panel offers a secure environment for adapters, patch cords, and pigtails.

1.Wall mounting installation
2.Match with other A86 panels in the house. In FTTO, fiber socket can be installed in-wall, on the desk.
3.The optical fiber communication system
4.Fiber optic CATV, FTTH Fiber to the house
5.Optical fiber access network
6.Testing instruments, fiber optical sensors
7.Fiber optic patch panels, cabinets type, or wall-mounted type fiber optic distribution units.

Suitable for three splice way:
pigtail + Mechanical Splicer+ Adapter
pigtail + fused splicer + Adapter
fast installation connector + Adapter

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