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Fiber Optic Distribution Box has functions of cable termination, splicing, distribution, and cross-connection. Fiber Optic Distribution Box makes of stainless steel or cold-rolled steel with electrostatics plastic-spray surface: excellent waterproof and dustproof performance. Fiber Optic Distribution Box is very suitable for FTTx uses and cross-connecting outdoor optical cables.

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Bwinners is a well-known metal fiber optic distribution box supplier, that manufactures quality fiber optic distribution with cost-effective, available flexible payment terms.The metal fiber distribution box is a kind of fiber optic splice, which can be used as a connecting device directly to connect two optical fiber cables with each other or with optical equipment such as distribution frame. The metal optical fiber cable distribution box is a box that helps distribute the fiber between floors and offices. It can be used to bring light into a specific area, or it can be used as an overhead light cover. The metal box is attractive and durable, so it will last for years. It can be easily installed, saving valuable time and resources of the company. Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box is specially designed for FTTH or FTTB for Indoor/Outdoor application. It is can manage single,ribbon & bundle fiber cables. If you are looking for durable quality metal fiber terminatio box for your network building system project, please get in touch with us for a quick quotation.

Why Choose Bwinners Metal Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Material: Cold-rolled Steel or Stainless Steel
Installation: Wall mounting or Pole mounting, Indoor/Outdoor
Color: Black/white,or be customized according to customer requirement.
Use: Widely used in FTTH access network,Telecommunication Networks.

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