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  • Outdoor Fiber Cable
  • ADSS Outdoor Cable
  • Armored Fiber Cable
  • Indoor Fiber Cable
  • FTTH Drop Cable
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Bwinners - Your Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer

Bwinnersis a professional manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cable. Bwinners manufactures & supplies quality fiber optic cables for the connection of network system devices. Besides the common fiber optic cables, we also accept fiber optic cable OEM service depending on your requirement in length and material. About the type of fiber optic cables, we are specialized in the production of Outdoor Fiber Cable, ADSS Outdoor Cable, Armored Fiber Cable, Indoor Fiber Cable and FTTH Drop Cable. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Bwinners Fiber Optic Cable

  • Outdoor Fiber Cable
  • ADSS Outdoor Cable
  • Armored Fiber Cable
  • Indoor Fiber Cable
  • FTTH Drop Cable
Your Professional Manufacturer with Fiber Optic & FTTx Solution Products

Bwinners Recommended Product

Fiber Splitter Box
Fiber Distribution Box
Empalme De Fibra Optica
In-Line Splice Closure
joint closure fiber optic
Dome Splice Closure
Optical Fiber Patch Panel
Fiber Patch Panel
1X16 Fiber Optic Splitter
Fiber Optic PLC Splitter
Ftth Mini Socket
Fiber Wall Socket
Field Assembly Quick Connector
Fiber Optic Fast Connector
OM3 Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cable
Fiber Optic Patch Cord
PDLC Patch Cord
FTTA Armored CPRI Fiber Patch Cord
MPO Fiber Cables
MPO Patch Cord
Outdoor FTTH Pole Install Hooks
FTTx Installations
Optic Adapter
Fiber Optic Adapter

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Common FAQ GUIDE of Fiber Optic Cables


Types of fiber optic cables

There are three types of fiber optic cable, each with its own set of characteristics. Single-mode fibers have a narrow core and a large number of strands, and their index of refraction changes less than that of multimode fibers. Light travels in a straight line and has very little pulse dispersion. Single-mode fibers are the most common type of cable used in telecommunications, as telephone networks install millions of kilometers of them each year. Tight-buffered cable is generally used inside buildings, and loose-tube cable is used in most outside-plant installations in North America.

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