China Fiber Cable Management Manufacturer & Supplier -Mbwinners
Fiber Splice Enclosure | Fiber Distribution Box | Fiber Patch Panel | Network Cabinet ...
China Fiber Cable Management Manufacturer & Supplier -Mbwinners
Fiber Splice Enclosure | Fiber Distribution Box | Fiber Patch Panel | Network Cabinet ...
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Bwinners - Your Fiber Cable Management Manufacturer & Supplier

Bwinners is a professional fiber cable management manufacturer & supplier in China, that provides fiber cable splice enclosrure to protect all fiber cables in the FTTx network project and resist the harsh weather; supplies fiber distribution box to arrange the fiber cable regularly; supplies the fiber patch panel to connect multi fiber optic cables and optical equipment; provides fiber optic distribution frame for cable interconnections between communication facilities…

According to the environment and location of FTTx project, Mbwinners also supplies fiber cross-connection cabinet, fiber wall socket, network cabinets, equipment enclosure for fiber cable management. If you are looking for fiber cable mangement supplier for your network project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

Fiber Cable Management Products

Bwinners is a leading fiber optic solution provider, supplies kinds of fiber optic equipments. Here are fiber cable management products lists, if you are interested in our fiber cable managements, please send us an enquiry to get quick quote.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber optic splice closure is made of high strength plastic material, with excellent weather resistance, can provide space and protection for fiber cables, ensure long service life of FTTx projects .

Fiber Distribution Box

Fiber distribution box is mainly used for accommodating fiber cable terminations, connections and patching, help the network technicians control massive fiber cabels and connection points easier.

Fiber Patch Panel

Fiber patch panel is a interface panel that used to connect the large numbers of fiber optic cables in organzed, enabling flexible connectivity into network hardware, cocated in a data center. Generally, thefiber patch panelis used within an organization's LAN.

Fiber Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber optical distribution frame is als simply named as ODF, which provides cable interconnections between communication facilities, combined with the fiber optic splice, fiber termination, adpters, cables together in one container.

Fiber Cross-connection Cabinets

Fiber cross-connection cabinet is also names OCCS, provides multi joints for terminaiton and coross-connection between cables, fully enclosed cabinets designed for fiber optic rack-mountable hardware.

Fiber Wall Socket

The Fiber wall socket is a projecting type that connects the optical drop cable at a customer's site, made from flame-retardant polycarbonate, suitable for multi-mode fiber optic cabling, supports SC, FC, LC, Core 2, and hidden cables.

Network Cabinets

Fiber distribution box is mainly used for accommodating fiber cable terminations, connections and patching, help the network technicians control massive fiber cabels and connection points easier.

Equipment Enclosure

Equipment enclosure is made of hard metal material, can keep the network smaller quipment safe. Generally it has a lock to prevent accidental or intentional contact with the power button. Available custom ptoduction service.

Why Choose Bwinners

Bwinners has more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing various fiber optic equipment, equipped with advanced machines in our production lines. We also believe “Quality is first,  business based on sincerity. “, thus we focus on producing quality fiber optic products, testing all of them before delivery. We highly value every customer, provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service

10 Years Experiences

Bwinners has Over 10 Years experiences in Fiber Cable Management Production line.

Fast Delivery Service

Bwinners has bulk fiber cable management in stock, delivery after ordered.

Guarantee Assurance

Passed ISO9001, GB/T24001-ISO14001, and GB/T28001-2001 certificates.

Customized Service Provided

Bwinners provide OEM and design drawing for Fiber Cable Management Products as your request.

Fiber Cable Management FAQ GUIDE

If you are looking for answers to your most pressing questions about fiber optic cable management, this guide will provide the answers. Read this FAQ guide to learn more about fiber optic cable management. 

 Fiber cable management involves organizing fiber cables so that they are easily accessible, protected, and function as required. To achieve this purpose, various fiber cable products are used to organize or arrange fiber cables.


The delicate nature of fiber cables requires that they be properly organized to ensure the free flow of light or data from one point to the other. For example, when installing fiber optic cables, they need to be bent at a specific radius to avoid any restrictions to the data flow.

Fiber optic cable management ensures a safe and conducive working environment since cables are neatly organized at the right places which avoid human interference.



There are several benefits of fiber optic cable management and this includes the following:

  • Ease of access: Fiber cable management gives workers in an organization easy access to cables and their connected devices. Working in an environment where cables are disorganized and scattered all over can be challenging. In such a situation, it may take workers a lot of time to figure out various cables and their specific functions. This leads to low work output since the precious time that could have been used for important tasks is spent identifying fiber cables.


With proper cable management, cables can be grouped, marked, and tagged with their tasks. With this in place, employees can easily identify and access cables so that less time is spent on work. This will help increase the efficiency of work at the organization. This is especially true during maintenance and troubleshooting of fiber cable assemblies. Fiber cables can be easily accessed for maintenance and troubleshooting.


  • Ease of Network Expansion: When an organization is growing, there will be a need to expand its fiber Optic cable network so that more data can be transmitted at a faster rate. Proper fiber cable management takes into consideration this expansion and makes room for it.


Fiber cables are organized with various fiber cable management products such that, existing cables can be easily accessed and new cables easily added. This helps to avoid the situation where existing fiber cables have to be taken away for new ones to be laid. This helps to save time and money.


  • It Ensures Fire Safety: Another massive benefit of fiber optic cable management is that it ensures a fire-safe working environment. When fiber cables are disorganized and scattered all over, they are more likely to touch each other and spark a fire. An employee can even trip over scattered cables and this may lead to a fire outbreak or damage of devices connected to them. This can be easily avoided when cables are properly managed.


Bwinners offers quality fiber optic cable management products that can help you fully manage all your cables. This will give you easy access for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, expansion, and higher efficiency.



For proper fiber optic cable management, three crucial factors need to be considered. Manufacturers should consider these three factors when producing fiber optic cable management products. They are:

Fiber Cable Routing paths

The fiber cable routing path is the first area of fiber cable management. This has to do with the fiber cable’s minimum bending radius. Cable routing paths should be designed to guide technicians to route cables properly. This will lead to consistent routing and easy to manage fiber optic cable network.


Another benefit of proper routing is that it reduces overcrowding in the termination panel and the cableways. This helps to drastically reduce any possibility of bend radius violations and breakdown in the future. Proper routing paths also ensure uniformity in the installation of cables and maintain bend radius specifications at various points. This ultimately increases network quality and reliability.


Aside from this, properly designed routing paths help to access fiber cables quickly, easily, and safely, leading to a massive reduction in configuration times. Well-defined routing paths greatly reduce the possibility of fibers being twisted and make it easy to trace them. The time for routing and rerouting patch cords is massively reduced with proper routing paths. This greatly reduces the overall operating costs and time to restore service.

Fiber Cable Access

Fiber cable access is the second factor for proper fiber optic cable management. Installed fiber cables should be easily accessible as this helps to maintain a proper bend radius. Fibers being accessible means you should be able to install and uninstall them without causing any damage to the next cable. That is installing or uninstalling fiber optic cables shouldn’t cause a macro bend on adjacent fiber cables.


Fiber cable accessibility is so crucial in fiber cable management because it has a massive effect on network configuration time. It can make a difference between a network reconfiguration time of 40 minutes per fiber and a network of about 100 minutes per fiber. Fiber accessibility directly affects the network’s operation costs and reliability.

Optical Fiber protection

The last area of fiber cable management is the protection of installed fiber cables. Measures should be put in place to ensure fiber cables are protected from damage. This could be accidental damage by technicians or equipment. To avoid these damages on fiber cables connected to various equipment, the cables should be given protective covering.


Yes, Bwinners is a fiber optic management manufacturer and supplier. 


If you are looking for a very reliable Fiber Optic Cable Management manufacturer and supplier, Bwinners is your best option. Bwinners offer you quality and affordable fiber optic cable management products that meet your specifications. We can also supply you with customized fiber cable management products for your projects.  

We strictly follow industry standards in all our production and use the best-in-class equipment. We do a 100% test on all our cables before packing them, making sure that only high-quality and industry-standard fiber cable management products are available to you. We offer world-class customer support and optimized solutions based on your requirements.  

We offer you well-designed fiber cable routing paths in line with your specifications that leave good space in your termination panel and cableways. Our properly designed routing paths help to access fiber cables quickly, easily, and safely, leading to a massive reduction in configuration times. 

Our fiber cable management products are delivered to you at a quicker rate, so you don’t need to worry about delays. We deliver our products to every part of the world, thanks to our efficient and reliable delivery systems. 


To buy a fiber optic management product in China, follow the following steps:


First, decide on the type of fiber optic cable management products you want. This should be based on your specifications. Google the keyword “fiber optic cable management manufacturers in China”


Go through the websites of manufacturers that appear on the Google search results. 

Shortlist credible manufacturers – Look for manufacturers with at least ten years’ experience. Also, shortlist Chinese manufacturers with professional engineers and high-standard facilities.  

Send a message to the short-listed manufacturers to request a quote. You can as well send the requirements of your fiber optic cable management product to the manufacturers and request a quote. 

Evaluate the quotes of the manufacturers. When you receive the quotes from the manufacturers, evaluate them and choose a suitable manufacturer. 


quote for any of our products.  

Final Thoughts

This FAQ guide offered you answers to the most frequently asked questions on fiber optic cable management. We hope you got a lot of value from this guide. If you want to know more about our products or want us to help you with the best fiber cable management solutions, feel free to contact us now. Our amazing customer service will be excited to offer you all the answers you need. You can also request a

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