Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Manufacturer , China Supplier -Mbwinners
Fiber Optic cable assembly| PLC Splitter | Insertion ABS Box Module ...
Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Manufacturer , China Supplier -Mbwinners
Fiber Optic cable assembly| PLC Splitter | Insertion ABS Box Module ...
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Bwinners - Your Fiber Optic Assembly Manufacturer & Supplier

Bwinners is a leading fiber optic cable assembly manufacturer, with decades-years experience in the fiber optic industry, supplies fiber optic cable assembly, PLC splitter, and insertion ABS box modules. We are committed to providing quality cables for connectors and terminated cables, from single-fiber cords to high fiber count cable assemblies.

Fiber Optic Assemblies Products

As a professional fiber optic cable assembly supplier, we have a lot of fiber cable assemblies products, suitable for different FTTx project, with flexible fiber counts and  100% tested before packing and certified to Telcordia GR-326-CORE Issue 4 specifications. 

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Fiber optic assemblies is made of an optical fiber, a reinforcement strand for support and fiber optic cable connectors, transmit the data by electrical pulse, provides a high-quality, reliable connection in the network. When it works with fiber optic systems in FTTx project, the delivery data will be a quick rate.

Fiber Optic PLC Splitter

Fiber optic PLC splitter also named planar lightwave circuit splitter, is a device used to split the one input fibers into multi output fiber at least 2 fibers and as many as 64 fibers, or combine multiple fibers to one or two fibers. 1×2, 1×4, 1×8, 1×16, 1×32, 1×64 and 2×4, 2×8, 2×16, 2×32 configurations available.

Why Choose Bwinners

Bwinners has more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing various fiber cable assembly and fiber optic PLC splitters, equipped with advanced machines in our production lines. We also believe “Quality is first,  business based on sincerity. “, thus we focus on producing quality fiber optic products, testing all of them before delivery. We highly value every customer, provide the best pre-sales and after-sales service.

10 Years Experiences

Bwinners has Over 10 Years experiences in Fiber Cable Management Production line.

Fast Delivery Service

Bwinners has bulk fiber cable management in stock, delivery after ordered.

Guarantee Assurance

Passed ISO9001, GB/T24001-ISO14001, and GB/T28001-2001 certificates.

Customized Service Provided

Bwinners provide OEM and design drawing for Fiber Cable Management Products as your request.

Fiber Optic Assembly FAQ GUIDE

Fiber Cable Assemblies

The use of Fiber Cables Assemblies for transmitting data across various industries keeps increasing by the day. This is due to their unique features and the massive benefits they offer. In this guide, you will get super-valuable information about fiber cable assemblies. So if you want to learn more about these cables, the information shared in this guide will be of great help to you. Let’s dive in.  

What Are Fiber Cable Assemblies?

Figure 1. Fiber cable Assemblies

Fiber cable assemblies are a type of cable used for transmitting data. These unique cables have great applications in various industries. In the communication industry, fiber cable assemblies are used to transmit signals. 

Fiber cable assemblies have 3 major components. They are optical fiber, a reinforcement strand that supports the cable assemblies and connectors. 

One unique feature of fiber cable assemblies is their ability to send signals or data at a very high speed. Fiber cable assemblies use light pulse to transmit data at a quicker rate. This is unlike copper cables that use electrical pulses for data transmissions.


What Are The Applications Of Fiber Cable Assemblies?

Fiber cable assemblies have several applications that include:

  • Cable television
  • Electrical utility plants
  • Industrial companies
  • Medical technologies
  • Educational institutions
  • Military operations.


What Are The Types of Fiber Cable Assemblies?

There are 3 main types of fiber cable assemblies. They are: 

  • Single-mode fiber cable
  • Multi-mode fiber cables
  • Plastic optic fiber cable

Single-Mode Fiber Cable

Single-Mode fibers are made of a single strand of fiberglass. This type of fiber cable assembly allows data to pass through it in a single direction. These cables have a diameter that ranges from 8.3-10 microns and has high bandwidth. 

Multi-Mode Fiber Cables

This type of fiber cable assembly is much larger than Single-Mode fibers. They have a diameter that ranges from 50-100 microns and provide high speed and bandwidth. Signals can pass through Multimode Fiber cables in single or bisecting paths, making it generate higher bandwidths. But this has a downside, as this can cause distortions over a long distance. 

Figure 2  Multi-mode fiber cable assembly

Plastic Optic Fiber Cable

This is a new type of fiber cable assembly made for short-distance transmissions. As the name suggests, they are made of plastic. They have similar performance to glass-based fiber cables but are cheaper. 


What Are The Types Of Fiber Cable Assemblies Connectors?

Fiber cable assemblies are made up of two or more fiber cables joined to transmit signals from one point to another. 

Individual fiber cables are securely joined to other cables by a device called connectors. There are different types of fiber cable connectors. They include ST, FC, LC, MT-RJ, SC, and MU connectors. Depending on the type of optical fiber and its intended purpose, one of the above connectors can be used. 

Figure 3. Fiber Cable Assembly Connectors

FC Connectors

FC connectors are short of fixed connectors. These connectors are made to function in high vibration environments and are commonly used with single-mode fiber cables. 

The connections are unaffected in such high vibration environments because the connectors are firmly fixed to the cable. FC connectors have a threaded end that screws onto the barrel housing. They have several applications but they are mostly used in the communication industries which includes phone and LAN networks.

ST Connectors

ST connectors stand for Straight Tip Connectors. They are mostly used for multimode fibers. They possess some features like a bayonet-style design and a long ferrule. The ferrule helps to align the stripped end of the fiber cable and protects it.


LC Connectors

LC connector is an abbreviation for Lucent connector. These connectors are commonly used with single fiber cable assemblies. It is a small fiber cable connector that has a ceramic ferrule. The ceramic ferrule of the LC connector is half the size of an ST ferrule. 

SC Connectors

The full name of SC Connectors is Subscriber connectors. These connectors are push-pull devices used in dual-fiber cable assemblies. SC connectors have a ceramic ferrule, are durable, simple to install, and come at a low cost. 

Figure 4 . SC Connector

MT-RJ Connectors

MT-RJ stands for Mechanical Transfer Registered Jack. These connectors are designed for small devices due to their small size. They are often used with dual-fiber cable assemblies and were originally made to replace SC connectors. MT-RJ connectors are often used in network applications.



What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying Fiber Cable Assemblies?

Several factors need to be considered before buying fiber cable assemblies. Below are some of the crucial factors that deserve consideration:

  • The purpose of the fiber cable assembly. You need to know exactly what the cable will be used for. This will help choose a suitable fiber cable assembly that meets all requirements and can perform as expected.
  • The quantity of data or signal to be transmitted by the fiber cable assembly.
  • The current fiber cable assembly that’s in use.
  • The potential growth of the company or facility in the years to come.
  • How much money is available. Fiber cable assemblies come at different prices. The type of cable you need will determine the amount of money to pay.  


After considering all these factors, one can make a good judgment on the best fiber cable assembly suitable for their needs. In general, Multi-Mode fiber cables are suitable for small networks that travel short distances. For long-distance communications, single-mode fiber cable assemblies are suitable. With all these said, it is always good to compare fiber cable assemblies from different manufacturers before making a buying decision.


What Are The Types Of Fiber Cable Assemblies Offered By Biwnners?

Figure 5.  Fc-Lc-Patch-Cord-3 cable

Bwinners offers several fiber cable assemblies for various purposes. This includes:

  • Fiber-Patch-Cord-SX-LC/LC
  • Fiber-Patch-Cord-DX-LC/LC
  • Fiber-Patch-Cord-SX-LC/LC-2
  • Customized OM3 Duplex Multimode 10G Fiber Optic Patch Cable. Model: OM3-Fiber-Patch-Cables
  • OM3 Fiber Optical Patchcord LC/UPC-FC/UPC MM DX 2.0mm LSZH Model: OM3-Fiber-Patch-Cables-MM-DX-LC/FC-2.0

You can have access to all of Bwinner’s fiber cables here with their details. 

Figure  6.  ODVA-CPRI-patch-cord-3 outdoor waterproof patchcord


Why Should You Choose Bwinners As Your Fiber Cable Assemblies Supplier?

If you are looking for a very reliable Fiber Cable Assemblies manufacturer and supplier, Bwinners is your best option. Here at Bwinners, we offer you fiber cable assemblies of your choice with the highest quality. You have access to fiber cable assemblies with your choice of fiber count, cable armored, connector type, polish type, flame rating, jacket rating, and cable type.

We strictly follow industry standards in all our production and use the best-in-class equipment. We do a 100% test on all our cables before packing them, making sure that only high-quality and industry-standard fiber cable assemblies are available to you. We offer world-class customer support and optimized solutions based on your requirement.  


 How Can You Import Fiber Cable Assemblies From China? 

Importing fiber cable assemblies is pretty easy and simple if you know the right process. Below are the simple steps to follow: 

Search “fiber cable assemblies manufacturers in China” on Google and shortlist credible manufacturers. Contact a manufacturer through their website contact form. Request for the fiber cable assemblies price quote once you contact them.

Get all the required documents you need to import fiber cable assemblies from local authorities in your country. Once this is done, contact the manufacturer to help you with the importation process 

Inform the manufacturer about your preferred way of importing the fiber cable. 

Receive the payment details of the manufacturer and make payment.

The manufacturer will begin the importation process once they confirm payment.

Wait to receive the fiber cable assemblies at the specified time


What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing Fiber Cable Assemblies Manufacturer?

There are a lot of fiber cable assemblies manufacturers and suppliers out there. But how do you choose good and reliable manufacturers from the crowd? Below are some important factors to help you make the right decision. 

  • Experience: Experience is the first factor you need to look at when choosing a fiber cable manufacturer and supplier. The fiber cable assemblies supplier should have massive experience in manufacturing and supplying fiber cables globally. Look for a manufacturer with at least ten years of experience in the industry. Such manufacturers have the expertise and equipment needed to produce high-quality cables. 
  • Certification: Go in for manufacturers that are certified by industry-recognized bodies. 
  • Packaging: Another factor to look at is the packaging of the fiber cable assemblies. The supplier should have good packaging systems to avoid damages to the cable. 
  • The fiber cable assemblies supplier should have a good record of delivering fiber cable assemblies worldwide on time.  
  • A good fiber cable supplier should have a proper tracking system for all shipped cables.  
  • Last but least, look at the payment systems of the manufacturer. The manufacturer should have flexible and globally accepted payment systems like payment through cash, PayPal, escrow, western union, Moneygram, telegraphic transfer, etc. 

Figure 7. Fiber cable assembly manufacturer’s workshop

In this guide, we looked at the different types of fiber cable assemblies, the types of fiber cable connectors, factors to consider before buying a fiber cable assembly, the processes involved in importing these cables, and many more. We hope you got massive value from this guide. 

If you want to get more information on fiber cable assemblies or you want to get fiber cable assemblies for your project, contact Bwinners now. We will help choose the best cables that meet your requirements and give you top performance. We offer you high-quality fiber cables assemblies at an affordable price. Get in touch with us now. 

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