Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box 24 cores Model: SJ-OTB-SY-02

Wall mount fiber distribution box 24 cores are mainly used in the field of electric power system, communication system and so on. Numerous kinds of fiber optic cable connection parts can be found inside, which has important effect on the network installation efficiency. Bwinners is committed to offering great products and services at competitive prices, with fast delivery. Email us today to get a quick quote.

  • Model: SJ-OTB-SY-02
  • Capacity: 24 Cores
  • Dimension: 265X155X55mm
  • Installation: Wall Mounting
Name Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box 24 cores
Model SJ-OTB-SY-02
Capacity 24 Cores
Dimension(HxWxD) 265X155X55mm
Installation Wall Mounting

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box suits for jointing fibers with fiber pigtail and Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box protects fiber optic splices and helps to distribute.

The Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box is either a wall-mounting type or desktop type, which is mainly in the telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room.

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Box suitable for splicing one piece of fiber cable with max. Diameter Ø16mm and two portions of fiber cable with max. Diameter Ø 11mm; or 2 parts of fiber cables with diameter Ø16mm.


1. The structure of the SJ-OTB-SY-02 Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box is innovative, designed in up-down bisection. Its installation is simple. By untightening one piece of fixing nut, it succeeds in opening the housing, and it allows fiber cable and fiber pigtail to pass in and out on a single side.
2. The house of SJ-OTB-SY-02 Outdoor Fiber Distribution Box is made of high strength polycarbonate plastic materials, which has mechanical strength; therefore it is reliable and long-lasting. It is of excellent shape and a beautiful appearance.
3. The tray is designed in SLIDE-IN-LOCK, and its opening angle is above 90o. Therefore it is easy for installation and maintenance. The curved diameter meets with the international standard. The capacity of the tray is 6-12 cores.
4. The elastic material is used to fix fiber pigtail. When the end of fiber pigtail cannot be determined (it is not used for the moment), it is possible to wind fiber pigtail into the clasp. Whenever it is needed, the active connector could be installed outside of the housing. Therefore it can connect termination equipment without connecting adapters.


1. While stripping fiber cable, reserve reinforced core with 35mm length. (it is used for the distance from fixing point of fiber cable to fixing device of the reinforced core)
2. Reserve fiver with a protective coat in 100mm or so (it is used for the distance from fixing point of fiber cable to fixing point of FOST)
3. After splicing, the initial round of spliced fiber is proposed to put along the inner edge of the tray and the rest bending as round with diameter not less than Ø 80mm Inside the tray,  Fiber pigtail could be winded on clasp outside of FOST.


Introduction of fiber optic distribution box

The fiber distribution box comes with splice trays and cable management for splitting incoming and outgoing cables. Made to fit a wide range of installer needs, the enclosure features exposed front and rear panels in order to allow for easy access to all areas inside.

FTTA NAP Closure Fiber Distribution BoxIt can splice multiple cable transmissions in one box with just minimum number of splice trays. And it also comes with combining splice trays for keeping the cables split into outgoing and incoming flows.


There are two types of fiber optic distribution box, one is wall-mounted fiber optic distribution box which is used on wall and the other is Pole mounted fiber optic distribution box.


The optical fiber cable distribution box can be made of plastic, metal or SMC All of these three material fiber optical distribution box can be found from Bwinners. You can choose the suitable one according to your requirement. Bwinners will show the material as below.

Distribution Fiber Box


Normally the plastic fiber distribution box materials used are PP, ABS, ABS+PC. The differences between those materials are in the density to obtain more impact resistance, temperature and flame resistance.

ABS is also cheaper than PC and is the most used for regular environments.

ABS+PC Strong material to endure harsh environmental conditions.

PC+ABS material used ensures the body strong and light.

Fiber Distribution Box Material ABS


This metal fiber optic distribution box comes with a durable metal construction to provide additional strength and reliability.

The metal material that is used to make the box is strong for outdoor uses, and waterproof for enhanced durability.

Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure


SMC (Glass fiber reinforced plastic) Fiber Distribution Box is lighter than the metal material box but stronger than the plastic material box, and can be molded to be different beautiful shapes. For Indoor/Outdoor application.FTTH Distribution Box

If you don’t sure what material is suitable for your network project, just feel free to contact us, we’d like to provide you the best solution.

Features of Distribution Box

  • High mechanical strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good sealing performance
  • This enclosure is designed to house up to 24 splices or 144 fibers.
  • The distribution box can be installed on the wall or cabinet, and provides a high-density fiber optic connection.
  • Can accommodate a variety of cable connections, including terminals with sanded or non-stripped fibers.
  • Indoor fiber optic distribution box can be divided into8 cores, 12cores, 16cores, 24 cores, 48 cores specifications according to the project need.
  • Outdoor fiber optic distribution boxes are equipped with cable inlets and outlet ports, which can easily connect with the inlet and outlet cables.
  • FTTX fiber optic distribution boxes are designed with a high density of fiber optic connectors and can be used to connect multiple distribution hubs in one location, which is convenient in large-scale projects.
  • Fiber optic distribution box is widely used as fiber patching panel, fiber splicing box and fiber termination box, etc.
  • The structure of FTTX fiber optic distribution box is strong and light weight, flexible to fit different pole sizes and easy installation on site.
  • FTTX fiber optic distribution boxes come with various colors to meet customer requirements


Why Distribution Box

  • Simplify the cable management:

With fiber distribution boxes, you can expect cables to be organized without having to deal with difficult cable management issues. Simplified installation and maintenance with movable structure.

  • Pre-installed splice tray:

You don’t have to worry about having problems with the internal connections because it comes with a pre-installed splice tray.

  • Available to add extra protection:

The fiber optic box is designed to accommodate multiple fusion splice trays and splice protection sleeves. You have the option of adding on other accessories and security features so that you are able to add extra protection whenever necessary.

  • Easy installation:

The fiber optic box is designed for easy installation which means that you can finish setting up the equipment and have everything installed in a short period of time.

  • Multi-functions in one box:

The fiber optic distribution box is used in wiring, splicing, distribution, and terminal connection of optical fiber cable. Inside with tray for splicing and easily accessible main cables. Cable connection and splicing can be carried out in the same box.


The structure of the optical fiber distribution box is mainly composed of the box body, the internal sheet metal workpiece, the optical fiber movable connector, and the spare accessories.

The structure of the fiber optic distribution box is composed of several functional units. The functional units are :

  1. Making the SC or LC fiber adapter,
  2. Connecting with optical patch cord or fiber pigtail,
  3. Connecting with mechanical patch cord,
  4. Connecting with optical drop cable or communication line

structure of the optical fiber distribution box


Provide fixing space for optical fiber or other devices, suitable for fiber to the home (FTTH) applications;

Network interconnection

Resource sharing can provide users with various services such as voice, data, radio and television

Fiber To The Cabinet (FTTC)

Fiber To The Building (FTTB)

CATV networks

Optical fiber communication


Fiber optic network convergence

Optical fiber access network

Telecommunication networks

Data communications networks

Local area networks

Application of fiber optic distribution box

Manufacturing of fiber optic distribution box

Bwinners is a professional fiber optic distribution box manufacturing company that makes durable fiber termination box in China factory. Quality assurance, best after service is available.

Manufacturing of fiber optic distribution box

Package of fiber optic distribution box

Bwinners always packages the termination box by hard carton, if you have customized package requirement, we also support your demands based on MOQ. Contact us, send us your requirements in email, we’d like to meet your satisfaction.

Package of fiber optic distribution box


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