Outdoor ODF Cabinet, 96 Port ODF Model: SJ-ODF-96

SJ-ODF-96 outdoor ODF cabinet, 96 port ODF are a tough and long-lasting solution for your generators and other equipment. They’re made using a reinforced polymer that makes them resistant to weather, impact and vibration, making them a good choice for any outdoor installation. Bwinners is committed to provide the best service, best quality and complete satisfaction for every customer. If you are looking for durable quality outdoor ODF cabinet, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick free quotation.

  • Model: SJ-ODF-96
  • Dimension: 225X485X345mm
  • Capacity: 96 Fibers
Name Outdoor ODF Cabinet
Model SJ-ODF-96
Dimension 225X485X345mm
Capacity 96 Fibers

The Outdoor ODF Cabinet unit is specially designed for the optical fiber communication equipment room. Outdoor ODF Cabinet has the function of cable fixation, protecting fiber cable terminating, wiring, distribution, and protection of fiber cores and pigtails.

Metal plate unit box structure, beautiful appearance.
19″standard installation has good versatility.
Complete modular design and front operation. The unit box integrates fiber fusion, splicing, wiring, distribution, into one every single splice tray can be pulled out separately, satisfying the operation in or out of the box.

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