648 Cores ODF Fibra Optica Model: SJ-ODF-02

SJ-ODF-02 648 cores ODF fibra optica is a great alternative to old-fashioned copper wire frames. They feature high density fiber optic cables that can be arranged in any shape with no damage to the cable. Further, they offer higher reliability than copper cable and longer lifespan. With a fiber optic distribution frame, your job gets easier and more convenient. With a few easy steps you can be running cables to the wall or floor, a server room, data center, or anywhere the Internet needs to reach.  If you are looking for quality fiber optic distribution frame from China, please don’t hesitate to contact us in order to start a project.

  • Model: SJ-ODF-02
  • Dimension: 2200X800X400mm; 2200X800X400mm; 2200X800X400mm
  • Capacity: 648 Fibers
Name ODF Fibra Optica
Model SJ-ODF-02
Dimension 2200X800X400mm; 2200X800X400mm; 2200X800X400mm
Capacity 648 Fibers

ODF Fibra Optica / ODF is a high-capacity, high-density fiber distribution frame, suitable composition, and distribution of fibers in the optical access network to achieve the fiber optic lines connection, distribution and scheduling, the 19” rack-mounted patch panel, and fiber optic splitter can be loaded inside.

ODF Fibra Optica Adopts the international standard 19″frame, Fully-closed structure to ensure the fiber protection, and dust-proof. ODF Fibra Optica is suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optic fibers.

1. Adopts the international standard 19″frame, Fully-closed structure to ensure the fiber protection, and dust-proof. Electrolysis sheet/Cold-rolled steel frame, electrostatic spraying in the whole surface, nice appearance.
2. Front input and all front operation
3. Flexible installation, wall type, or back type, facilitates paralleling layout and wire feeding among racks and can be installed in large groups.
4. Modular unit box with internal drawer tray integrates distribution and fusing in a tray.
5. Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optic fibers.
6. Suitable for inserting the installation of SC, FC.ST (additional flange)adapters,easy to operate and to expand the capacity.
7. The angle between the adaptor and the connecting unit face is 30°. That not only ensures the curvature radius of fiber but also prevents the eyes from being hurt during optical transmission
8. With reliable devices for optical fiber cable stripping, storing, fixing, and grounding.
9. The bending radii in any place are ensured to be more than fixing.
10. Realize the scientific management of the patch cords by using many groups of fiber units.
11. Applies single side frontal access to enable upper or lower lead-in,and clear identify

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