12 Cores Fiber Splice Tray Model: SJ-Model-1

SJ-Model-1 12 cores fiber splice tray is a handy tool for cleaning, organizing, and organizing your cable. This is the perfect accessory for any television room or office space. Fiber splice trays help your office staff cut, splice and terminate fiber optic cables quickly and efficiently. Use them to protect your fiber optic cable ends, insert fiber optic cable into plastic housing, and terminate fiber optic cable in compliance with the rules of each type of fiber optic connector. If you are looking for durable quality fiber splice tray, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick free quoation.

  • Model: SJ-Model-1
  • Dimension: 300X180X25mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity: 12 Fibers
Name Fiber Splice Tray
Model SJ-Model-1
Dimension 300X180X25mm
Capacity 12 Fibers
Material ABS

Fiber Splice Tray has a 12-pair fiber optic connection and distribution module. Fiber Splice Tray designed for patching and splicing in the ODF system. Fiber Splice Tray is suitable for all kinds of equipment designed according to 19″ machine frame standard and can be easily disposed of for particular needs.

Light and beautiful plastic structure, splicing & distribution module for easy operations and convenient installation, Modular structure makes the storage enlarging convenient,30°oblique installation of adapters, preventing eyes from harm of laser and ensuring the fiber bending radius. Many kinds of NTM splicing &distribution marks make the recording conveniently.

1)12-pair fiber optic connection and distribution module
2)Designed for patching and splicing in ODF system
3) Cable storage and splice both in front
4) Longer bending radius for fiber, Easy operation of pigtails
5) Suitable for all kinds of equipment designed according to 19″ machine frame standard, and can be easily disposed for particular needs
6) The fusing distribution board of the unit box is double side structure, integrating the fusing and distribution into one unity, suitable for ribbon or non-ribbon optical fiber cable
7) Every board can be clamped with 12FC or SC or LC or ST adaptors which bevel the face side with 30 degrees
8) That not only ensures the curvature radius of fiber but also prevents the eyes from highlight
9) There is a cover-plate on the tray after fusion

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