FTTH Splice Tray 24 Cores Model: SJ-BWN-FST-05

SJ-BWN-FST-05 FTTH splice tray 24 cores is designed with high end fabric and stainless steel hardware to ensure acceptable quality. The key to a great patch. Easy to use and apply, this tray protects the splice from contamination and damage. Perfect for aerial installations on buildings, poles or towers where there is no protection from the elements. Fiber optic splice tray can be used in various industries such as network and telecom, energy, marine engineering and medical equipment. We have a good reputation among our customers for the quality of our products. Email us if you have a great deal in ABS fiber optic cable tray wholesale.

  • Model: SJ-BWN-FST-05
  • Capacity: 24 Fibers
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Pitch of Holes: 148(MM)
  • Dimension: 218X98X20(MM)
Name FTTH Splice Tray 24 Cores
Model SJ-BWN-FST-05
Capacity 24 Fibers
Dimension 218X98X20(MM)
Pitch of Holes 148(MM)
Material ABS Plastic

Made by industrial high-quality ABS plastic, Splice Tray 24 Cores is provided to place the fiber splice points and pre-terminated for fiber connectivity.

The Splice Tray 24 Cores expands fiber splice capabilities as well as provides the splicing location for fiber optic cables. Splice Tray 24 Cores can be put into the fiber distribution frame, fiber splice closure, optic terminal box, etc.

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