24 Fo Ftth Optical Fiber Splice Tray Model: SJ-BWN-FST-03

SJ-BWN-FST-03 24 Fo Ftth optical fiber splice trays are used in the telecommunications industry where optical fibers are spliced together by connecting ends of cables or pigtails that have been stripped at the ends. The fuses will protect the cable during splicing and allow workers to operate in a safe environment. If you are looking for stable quality fiber splice tray in China, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of fiber splicing tray and other optical components. Welcome to your customized orders!

  • Model: SJ-BWN-FST-03
  • Capacity: 24 Fibers
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Pitch of Holes: 150(MM)
  • Dimension: 225X117X17(MM)
Name 24 Fo Ftth Optical Fiber Splice Tray
Model SJ-BWN-FST-03
Capacity 24 Fibers
Dimension 225X117X17(MM)
Pitch of Holes 150(MM)
Material ABS Plastic
Packing Info 200pcs, 54X52X34CM, 20.5KGS
100pcs, 30X53X34CM, 11KGS
25PCS/CTN, 32x26x12CM, 2.5KG

Made by industrial high-quality ABS plastic, 24 Fo Ftth Optical Fiber Splice Tray is provided to place the fiber splice points and pre-terminated for fiber connectivity.

The 24 Fo Ftth Optical Fiber Splice Tray expands fiber splice capabilities as well as provides the splicing location for fiber optic cables. 24 Fo Ftth Optical Fiber Splice Tray can be put into the fiber distribution frame, fiber splice closure, optic terminal box, etc.


Introduction of Fiber Splice Tray

The fiber optical splice tray is a cable management device for fiber optic cables. It is designed to provide a clean, organized environment for your cables and equipment. It also provides protection from dust and moisture as well as prevents any damage to the surrounding area.

A fiber splice tray is a device that connects cables. After fusing the end of one cable with another and then encasing it, this product can be used to weld together two optical fibers or increase capacity by branching off part of one line.

FTTH fiber splice tray is the key part of optical cable joint box, optical fiber terminal box, optical fiber distribution box and fiber optic cable transfer box.

Introduction of Fiber Splice Tray

Technical Data Sheet:

  1. The working temperature: – 5 ℃ ~ 40 ° ℃;
  2. The relative humidity: < 85% (30 ° C)
  3. The atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106 kpa;
  4. The nominal working wavelength: 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm;
  5. insertion loss: < 0.5 dB;
  6. Return loss: PC > 40 db, UPC > 50 db, APC > 60 db.
  7. The electrical strength: > 3 kv (DC) / 1 min no breakdown, no flashover;8. Insulation resistance: > 1000 m Ω / 500 v (DC);

Product features:

  1. The modular design.
  2. Used in the welding of the fiber, branch.
  3. Use ABS engineering plastic.
  4. The flame retardant performance is good, high strength, long aging time.
  5. Cable, tail fiber, the management level of jump line is clear, has good operability

Why Fiber Optical Splice Tray

Why fiber optic splice tray is required?

The cable is a special transmission medium that needs a certain amount of protection.

When it is laid in the underground pipeline, it should be laid in a certain way and have certain protective measures to prevent water leakage into the cable, which will cause the cable to rust and eventually break down.

Therefore, when laying cables in pipelines or during construction work, you must use fiber optical splice trays as protective devices.

Why Fiber Optical Splice Tray

Use of Fiber Optical Splice Tray?

The fiber optic splice tray is a very important part of the optical network.

Fiber optic cable is installed in different places, for example, buildings and tunnels.

This ensures that each end of the fiber optic cable can be connected with other cables to form a long-distance transmission line.

Fiber optic splice trays are used to protect and organize the many pieces of optical fiber that make up a cable.

Fiber optic splice trays are used to hold the fiber optic cables in place and protect them from damage. This can be done during installation or by using a few different types of splicing equipment.

Use of Fiber Optical Splice Tray

Application of Fiber Splice Tray

Fiber splice trays are designed to organize and protect splices during installation. They are made from a durable material that protects the splices from damage and prevents snags or interference.

Application of Fiber Splice Tray

Manufacturing of Splice Tray

Bwinners is a leading manufacturing company that makes splice tray for fiber cables splicing and storage. The fiber splice trays are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of different applications.

Package of Fiber Optic Cable Splice Tray

Bwinners is always package the fiber optic cable splice tray by the carton, if you have customized package requirements, please get in touch with us in advance.

Package of Fiber Optic Cable Splice Tray

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