FTTH J hook ADSS Suspension Clamp Model: FACH-BW-14

FACH-BW-14 FTTH J hook ADSS suspension clamp is designed for FTTx cable installation. Compared with traditional clamp, it has a longer life span and can bear several times of loading, even in severe circumstance such as wind or earthquakes. Bwinners is a factory specializing in producing ADSS Suspension Clamps, they are suitable for various types of wire and cable conduit. If you need hook ADSS suspension clamp for your FTTx installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

  • Model: FACH-BW-14
  • Cable Type: FO Round
  • Cable Span: Span up to 100 meters
  • Breaking Load (KN): 12 KN
  • Suitable for Cable: Ø 10~15mm ADSS cable
  • Material of Body: Galvanised steel
  • Insert: UV Protected Neoprene
  • Screw: Pretected steel
  • Application: Overhead Line Accessories
Name FTTH J hook ADSS Suspension Clamp
Model FACH-BW-14
Cable Type FO Round
Cable Span Span up to 100 meters
Breaking Load (KN) 12 KN
Suitable for Cable Ø 10~15mm ADSS cable
Material of Body Galvanised steel
Insert UV Protected Neoprene
Screw Pretected steel
Application Overhead Line Accessories
Weight 0.17Kgs

ADSS Suspension Clamp designed to suspend ADSS round optical fiber cable during the construction of transmission line. The ADSS Suspension Clamp consists of plastic inserts, which clamps the optical cable without damaging. A wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance archived by wide product range, with different sizes of neoprene inserts

The metal hook of ADSS Suspension Clamp allows installation on the pole by using stainless steel band and pigtail hook or brackets. The hook of ADSS clamp can be produced from stainless steel materials according to your request.

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