Adjustable FTTH Fiber Optic Cable Pole Clamp Model: FACH-BW-11-A

FACH-BW-11-A adjustable FTTH fiber optic cable pole clamp is designed to help you keep your cables secure, while avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on the tools used. Bwinners is one of the most professional fiber optic cable pole clamp manufacturer and we are always proud of the quality fiber optic cable pole clamp that we provide. if you are interested in fiber optic cable pole clamp, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information

  • Model: FACH-BW-11-A
  • Outer Size: 25H*120Rmm
  • Tensile Strength: <600N
  • Diameter Changing Range: 135-230mm
Name Adjustable FTTH Fiber Optic Cable Pole Clamp
Model FACH-BW-11-A
Material Steel
Surface Treatment Hot-dip Galvanized
Outer Size 25H*120Rmm
Tensile Strength <600N
Diameter Changing Range 135-230mm

Good anti-corrosion performance.
High strength.
Abrasion and wear resistance.
Easy installation.

Pole Brackets are used to support ADSS fittings of utility poles
Used for securing many kinds of cables, such as fiber optic cables.
Used to relieve strain on messenger wire.
Used to support telephone drop wire at span clamps, drive hooks, and various drop attachments.

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