Attenuator 10 dB LC/UPC Male-Female Fixed Flanged Type Model: Fiber-Attenuator-LC/UPC-10dB

Fiber attenuator LC/UPC 10dB attenuator 10 dB LC/UPC male female fixed flanged type, also known as fiber deflection or fiber optic attenuator, refers to optical devices that reduce the amount of light entering a fiber optic transmission line. In the case of fiber optic cross-connects, this is used to reduce light intensity when making a connection from one station to another. Our product range includes fiber optic attenuators and other fiber optic product fabrication. We can provide high-quality service at competitive prices to our customers. Email us if you are in need.

  • Model: Fiber-Attenuator-LC/UPC-10dB
  • Fixed Flanged Type 2dB
  • Fiber Connector: LC
  • Ferrule Type: Zirconia Ceramic
  • Connector Gender: Fixed Male to Female
  • Transfer Mode: SM/MM
  • Attenuation: 1~25dB
  • Operating Wavelength(nm): 1260~1620(SM),850(MM)
  • Attenuation Accuracy: 1-9dB±0.5dB, 10-25dB±10%
  • Return Loss: ≥45dB
  • Polarization Dependent Loss: ≤0.2dB
  • Max Optical Input Power: 200mW
  • Humidity: 95%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40~80°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -40~85°C
Name Attenuator 10 dB LC/UPC Male-Female Fixed Flanged Type
Fiber Connector LC
Ferrule Type Zirconia Ceramic
Connector Gender Fixed Male to Female
Transfer Mode SM/MM
Attenuation 1~30dB
Operating Wavelength(nm) 1260~1620(SM),850(MM)
Attenuation Accuracy 1-9dB±0.5dB, 10-25dB±10%
Return Loss ≥45dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.2dB
Max Optical Input Power 200mW
Humidity 95%RH
Operating Temperature Range -40~80°C
Storage Temperature Range -40~85°C

Attenuator 10 dB is mainly used in fiber optic to debug optical power performance & optical instrument calibration correction & fiber signal attenuation to ensure the optical power in a stable and desired level in the link without any changes on its original transmission wave.

1. Stable Attenuation
2. Fast Connection: Distinctive male-female port, easy to connect patch cables and other equipment.
3. Flexible case for easy portability: Accurate size armed with elegant dust cap, better ensure the handy installation and protection from out-service.
4. Durable plastic shell for permanent protection.

Attenuator 10 dB is a passive device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal. Attenuator 10 dB is generally used in single-mode long-haul applications to prevent optical overload at the receiver.

Attenuator 10 dB is widely used in CWDM&DWDM, CATV systems, data center networks, test equipment, and other high power applications.

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